Wise Guy

Wise Guy

Milwaukee vs. Washington, 10/01/2019 20:08 EDT, Score: 3 - 4

Point Spread: -1½/+128 Washington

Sportsbook: PinnacleSports

Result: Loss

Fading playoff teams off loss as a favorite, yes even if said game was last game of regular season is +12.9 ROI on runline, almost as good on moneyline. Going with less successful pitcher based on season-to-date W-L record is +233.34 and holds up on both regular and postseason. Yes it is better on moneyline, but wins big time on moneyline too. Home playoff teams off win, including if it is first game of postseason is +14.4 ROI on moneyline, also winning on runline. When all apply to the same game, it is 10-3 all-time for +9.4 units and a 53.8 ROI.

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