Wednesday NHL

Wednesday NHL

San Jose vs. Vegas, 10/02/2019 22:30 EDT, Score: 1 - 4

Money Line: -164 Vegas

Sportsbook: PinnacleSports

Result: Win

4-Unit Play. #008. Take Vegas over San Jose (Wednesday at 10:35 pm) As per your selection on Vegas, we know a mismatch when we see one and this is going to be one of those games where there is only one scenario - a Vegas win. Vegas' home-ice advantage has been well talked about through their first two seasons and while SJ is fresh and focused coming into this game, Vegas is simply the better team with the better goalie. Not to mention, the Sharks will be without Evander Kane for three games, and they will be without veteran and ex-captain Joe Pavelski who was lured away in the offseason. Vegas have three top lines that can produce offense and with them being at home in their season opener, we feel they come out fired up and ready to win hockey games. We also like the goaltending matchup as we believe in Marc-Andre Fleury more so than Martin Jones who had a shaky season last year. No real trends can come into play for the first game of the season, but just know that Vegas has beaten SJ 7 of 10 times in Sin City.

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