Tuesday NHL

Tuesday NHL

Dallas vs. Washington, 10/08/2019 19:00 EDT, Score: 4 - 3

Money Line: -148 Washington

Sportsbook: PinnacleSports

Result: Loss

4-Unit Play. #004. Take Washington over Dallas (Tuesday at 7:00 pm).
As per your selection on the Washington Capitals, we like them in this spot against a winless Dallas team to continue their great start to the season. They squandered a 2-0 lead on Saturday against Carolina, so that has to have them pissed off and ready to make amends for that. Washington has already beaten two good teams in the Blues and Islanders and now gets to take on a Stars team that is 0-3 after blowing a 2-goal first-period lead on Sunday in Detroit. They only managed 22 shots on net against the Wings and that just won't cut it against a good goalie in Holtby and a good defensive team in Washington. We believe the Caps get the job done today and improve to 3-0-1 on the season. Take Washington.

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