Contrarian Crusher MLB 10*

Contrarian Crusher MLB 10*

St. Louis vs. Atlanta, 10/09/2019 17:02 EDT, Score: 13 - 1

Money Line: -114 St. Louis

Sportsbook: PinnacleSports

Result: Win

Contrarian Crusher - Rickenbach MLB Rotation #913 Wednesday 10* Top Play St Louis Cardinals Money Line (-) @ Atlanta Braves @ 5 ET - Honestly this line does not make sense and that is precisely why I am backing the Cardinals in this one! Typical contrarian play for me but this is the type of stuff that consistently cashes. Keep in mind, the Braves Mike Foltneywicz had a much better start in Game 2 of this series than the Cardinals Jack Flaherty had in Game 1. Also, Atlanta finished the regular season 19 games over .500 at home on the year. St Louis finished the regular season as as a .500 team in road games. That said, how is it that the Cards are the favorite here? Precisely my friends and that is why I am pounding St Louis in this game. It is where the sharp action is on this game and we're going to be part of that. Keep in mind Flaherty had an 0.91 ERA in his 15 starts after the All Star break. He's fully capable of resuming his domination in this "winner takes all" Game 5. As for the Braves Foltneywicz, he had a 4.54 ERA in the regular season this year and had a 7.50 ERA (with command problems) in his two post-season starts last year. In other words, perhaps the post-season pressure again gets to him here and too many walks are again a problem just like the 2018 playoffs. Either way, I am backing the Cards and Flaherty for the road win in this one! 10* ST LOUIS

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