Pittsburgh vs. Georgia Tech, 11/02/2019 16:00 EDT, Score: 20 - 10

Point Spread: -7/-130 Pittsburgh

Sportsbook: Betonline

Result: Win

College Football on Pittsburgh. Game 317 at 4:00 eastern. The Panthers fit the powerful 15-1 system below. The Panthers have covered 6 of 7 on the road and 10 of 12 after scoring less than 20 as well as 4 of 5 off an ats loss. Tech is getting plenty of play because they fall into a popular system that plays on rested home dogs with revenge. However Tech also falls under another negative system for home dogs off a road dog win at +10 or more. Th eJackets have failed to cover the last 7 after passing for 170 or less, the last 4 vs a winning team and the last 5 at home. G. Tech needs to run the ball to win and that will be very difficult to do against a Panthers team that is ranked in the top 10 in rushing defense. Look for the Panthers to win and cover.



Oct 24, 2015boxSaturday82015NCSTWAKEaway28-00-70-37-735-17-9.546.5188.55.57.0-1.5WWO0

Nov 14, 2015boxSaturday112015FLASCARaway7-07-03-07-1424-14-7.046.5103-8.5-2.8-5.8WWU0

Nov 12, 2016boxSaturday112016LSUARKaway7-014-77-310-038-10-7.546.52820.51.511.0-9.5WWO0

Oct 14, 2017boxSaturday72017MICHINDaway3-010-30-77-1027-20-6.547.070.500.2-0.2WWP1

Oct 21, 2017boxSaturday82017TROYGASTaway7-314-010-03-734-10-8.549.52415.5-5.55.0-10.5WWU0

Oct 28, 2017boxSaturday92017SDSTHAWaway7-07-77-07-028-7-9.553.52111.5-18.5-3.5-15.0WWU0

Oct 28, 2017boxSaturday92017OKSTWVAaway13-010-107-1420-1550-39-8.077.0113127.54.5WWO0

Oct 06, 2018boxSaturday62018BUFCMCHaway7-310-07-1410-734-24-7.552.5102.

Oct 13, 2018Saturday72018TCHAWCARaway9-010-37-00-326-6-8.065.52012.0-33.5-10.8-22.8WWU0

Oct 27, 2018Saturday92018CDAVMONTaway3-70-1410-036-049-21-8.571.52819.5-1.59.0-10.5WWU0

Oct 27, 2018Saturday92018JVSTMURaway14-67-37-614-042-15-8.058.02719.0-1.09.0-10.0WWU0

Nov 01, 2018boxThursday102018NILAKRONaway7-717-35-167-036-26-6.538.5103.523.513.510.0WWO0

Sep 21, 2019boxSaturday42019MCSTNORWaway7-07-310-07-731-10-9.540.02111.516.2-5.2WWO0

Oct 12, 2019boxSaturday72019WASARZaway6-07-1714-024-1051-27-6.560.52417.517.517.50.0WWO0

Oct 17, 2019boxThursday82019LLAFAKSTaway7-717-30-313-737-20-6.567.51710.5-10.50.0-10.5WWU0

Oct 26, 2019boxSaturday92019MIZKTKYaway0-00-227-00-77-29-9.544.5-22-31.5-8.5-20.011.5LLU0

Nov 02, 2019Saturday102019PITGTCHaway-7.546.0

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