SMU vs. Memphis, 11/02/2019 19:30 EDT, Score: 48 - 54

Point Spread: +6/-110 SMU

Sportsbook: TopBet

Result: Push

SMU can score massive points and will be able to avoid the blitzes of Memphis. Shane Buechele and his 290 passing YDs/game will be flying over the field frequently and will be used all game here. If SMU only does what they are good at, like their forceful and dynamic scoring game - that will be everything they need. They are the type of team capable of putting up a quick 40 - and then the team will follow with a 30 yarder to the endzone. Memphis have played 3 teams over the last 4 weeks that have burned them on defense the season. They don't have the best momentum stopping opposing offenses over the last several games. SMU has the electric intangibles that will make them far more productive on the field here than the Tigers. SMU lost to Memphis last year and only had 25 rushing yards. The Mustangs and some payback this year.

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