Houston vs. Jacksonville, 11/03/2019 09:30 EDT, Score: 26 - 3

Point Spread: +1/+105 Jacksonville

Sportsbook: PinnacleSports

Result: Loss

*3 Star NFL Early Morning CASH* The Houston Texans have cluster injuries in the secondary. Houston is now also without their star pass rusher J.J. Watt after he went down with an injury last week.

Gardner Minshew has been really good for the Jaguars at quarterback. He doesn't have a cannon for an arm, but he is an accurate passer and he can keep plays alive with his feet. The Jaguars running game is much improved this year (4.8 yards per carry), and the Jaguars should have a balanced attack that is tough for Houston to slow down.

The Texans offense is all about keeping Watson upright. The offensive line is better than past years, but they are still the biggest weakness for the team. The Jaguars rank third in the NFL in sacks.

Minshew and the Jaguars lost 13-12 to Houston on the road earlier this year. The Jaguars outgained the Texans in that game. Houston's injuries are far worse now than they were in that first game.

Also, Jacksonville goes to London every single year. The Jaguars are 3-1 in their last 4 games in London. Many coaches have said it is very hard to play this game for teams who aren't accustomed to the long flight and different setup. Houston is playing this London game for the first time here. This is a clear advantage for Jacksonville.

Take Jacksonville.

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