Portland vs. Golden State

Portland vs. Golden State

Portland vs. Golden State, 11/04/2019 22:30 EDT, Score: 118 - 127

Point Spread: -10½/-110 Portland

Sportsbook: TopBet

Result: Loss

10-Unit Play #539 Take Portland over Golden State (10:30 p.m. EST, Monday Nov 4)
This is a really interesting situation with the Golden State Warriors this season, at least until Stephen Curry comes back. With him out and Draymond Green out and likely Russell as well, this is barely a G-League squad that the Warriors are fielding tonight. I have seen some NBA writers exclaim that this is the worst team fielded in the NBA for years. There are some really bad teams in the NBA every year. And they normally get generous points from the oddsmakers, and that is definitely the case here tonight. But the strange thing about this situation is that the Warriors are the biggest dynasty in the NBA for the last five years and teams are not going to overlook them. I think teams will take pleasure in “kicking them when they are down” and especially in the West this season where every win is a potential playoff tiebreaker we think that Golden State could have a really tough time covering numbers and we might start to see 10+ points with them every night until they get healthy.

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