Toronto vs. New Orleans, 11/08/2019 20:00 EDT, Score: 122 - 104

Total: -110/+233 Under

Sportsbook: Bookmaker

Result: Win

The Toronto Raptors and the New Orleans Pelicans opened the season against each other nearly three weeks ago.with the Raptors taking a 130-122 victory in overtime . Since than both have taken part in some high scoring games which in some ways is skewing this total to the high side, which offers value for under bettors such as ourselves. ( It it was not for OT the above mentioned tilt would have stayed under the total)

Gentry is 36-19 OVER at home when the line is +3 to -3 as the coach of NEW ORLEANs with a combined average of 219.1 ppg scored.

The Raptors have not eclipsed the total in their L/7 as a road favorite with a combined average of 207.5 ppg scored.

NBA teams where the total is greater than or equal to 230 (NEW ORLEANS) - in a game involving two good shooting teams (45.5-47.5%), after a game making 12 or more 3 point shots are 50-9 UNDER L/23 seasons for a 85% conversion rate for bettors.


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