4* Money Maker

4* Money Maker

Iowa State vs. Oklahoma, 11/09/2019 20:00 EDT, Score: 41 - 42

Point Spread: -14/-120 Oklahoma

Sportsbook: SportsBetting

Result: Loss

Taking OKLAHOMA. Undefeated season shattered. But I think this offense still drops a 50 spot tonight. Angry defense hasn't forced a TO in a month. Let's face it. Baylor still undefeated in Big 12 play. Ohio State, Penn State, Minny all undefeated in Big 10. Though that will change for 1 of the later after Saturday. LSU / Bama will take an L soon. Sooners still Oklahoma. They can still run things to a 12-1 record and hope for a Playoff Miracle. 4* Money Maker OKLAHOMA SOONERS

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