8* Sure Shot

8* Sure Shot

Georgia vs. LSU, 12/07/2019 16:00 EDT, Score: 10 - 37

Point Spread: -6½/-120 LSU

Sportsbook: SportsBetting

Result: Win

Taking LSU. I had Georgia Tech last week. Obviously, a poor play. But like I said in that write up. Where has this Georgia offense been all year. LSU not as great as the Bulldogs on D. But the defense is good enough to hold Georgia down. Like Ohio State - until we see LSU put on ice, how can you not like them laying anything short of double digits? Last year was 36-16 LSU. I think we will see something along those lines today. Georgia is way too many close games for me to consider them elite. The loss to South Carolina just terrible. I know it looks a little too easy saying LSU just needs to win by a TD. But I will grab the low hanging fruit. They did play a close game vs Auburn 23-20. Those Tigers not to shabby themselves losing to Georgia 21-14 and beating Alabama in a wild one 48-45. But I think this LSU team is on another level right now. 8* Sure Shot LSU TIGERS

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