5* Best Bet

5* Best Bet

Seattle vs. LA Rams, 12/08/2019 20:20 EDT, Score: 12 - 28

Money Line: +100 LA Rams

Sportsbook: Bodog

Result: Win

Taking the RAMS. Wilson and Seattle crushed my dreams last week on Minny. My Vikings NFC North ticket dangling in the wind. So yea, I will grab LAR here. I know I have kicked their teeth in at times this year saying they aren't a great team. From Super Bowl to possibly not making the playoffs. But man oh man, it seems like Seattle is playing with fire every game. Forget fire. TNT. I dunno, something worse. No Theilen or however you spell his name at WR. Cook goes out. That is a game changer. They eked out a win at home over LAR when Greg the Leg missed a game winning FG. Good for us as we had Seattle ML. But as I said - Seattle playing a little to close to the edge. OT to beat Tampa, Lost to Baltimore. Lost to Bridgewater Saints. Nearly lost to Bengals. 2pt win on the road at Pitt when Big Ben got hurt. OT win on the road at SF. 27-10 was their easiest win at Arizona. Heck 17-9 at Philly was painful to watch. I just can't see them catching every break all season long. 5* Best Bet LA RAMS

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