Chase’s 10* NFL Sunday Night Prime Time

Chase’s 10* NFL Sunday Night Prime Time

Seattle vs. LA Rams, 12/08/2019 20:20 EDT, Score: 12 - 28

Point Spread: +1/-105 LA Rams

Sportsbook: Bodog

Result: Win

This game features the 10-2 Seahawks at the 7-5 Rams. Rams really need this game badly the Seahawks are sitting fat and happy yes they need this win it keep pace with the Niners but the Rams got embarrassed last time at home on national T.V. This Rams team will come in with their hair on fire tonight. Bettors are humping the road team here this line has gotten nothing but more enticing for Seahawks bettors. Play the Rams for a 10* Winner.

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