Edmonton vs. Minnesota, 12/12/2019 20:00 EDT, Score: 5 - 6

Total: +108/+6 Over

Sportsbook: SportsBetting

Result: Win

8* Over Oilers/Wild (8:05 ET): Edmonton has led the Pacific Division much of the season, but they’ve been far from a dominant first place team. They’ve scored only one more goal than they’ve allowed. It was not a stellar defensive effort on Tuesday when they lost 6-3 to Carolina. Scoring hasn’t been a real concern. Only two teams in the Western Conference have more goals scored this year. But only three have conceded more.

It’s not difficult to figure Minnesota out. This is not a good road team as their record outside the Twin Cities is just 7-11-2. But at home, they are 7-1-3. They are averaging 3.55 goals per game here on home ice. That’s up from 2.6 on the road. But like the Oilers, the Wild give up their fair share. They are one of the three teams in the West that have allowed more goals than Edmonton. 8* Over Oilers/Wild

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