*10* NHL GAME OF THE WEEK (Power Sports)

*10* NHL GAME OF THE WEEK (Power Sports)

Philadelphia vs. Winnipeg, 12/15/2019 17:00 EDT, Score: 3 - 7

Money Line: -145 Winnipeg

Sportsbook: Betonline

Result: Win

10* Winnipeg (5:05 ET): The Flyers are one of the league's most improved teams this year, but all of a sudden they've dropped three of four, which has them in the precarious fifth position in the Metro. Improved goaltending has been a big key for Allan Vigneault's team (remember the Flyers infamously used SEVEN different goaltenders last season), but numbers on the road remain suspect. Tonight the Flyers are in Winnipeg where they'll encounter an angry Jets team.

Winnipeg is off an embarrassing defeat as they lost to the league's worst team (Detroit) on Thursday. They had just beaten the Red Wings 5-1 here on home ice two days prior, so not being able to sweep them was definitely a shock. Now the Wings did win again last night. But before that they'd lost 12 in a row including 10 straight in regulation. My guess is the Jets are going to come out angry this afternoon. Before losing in Detroit, they had gone 6-1-1 the previous eight games.

This is not a good spot for Philadelphia as they played last night in Minnesota (lost 4-1). While there's no shame in losing on the road, last night's result does unscore an issue w/ this Flyers club, that being they are simply not a very good road team. They are 7-8-1 (compared to 10-2-4 at home) and giving up 3.3 goals per game. Winnipeg has had two days off to stew over the Detroit loss where a number of "fluke plays" went against them. The Flyers had just 18 shots on goal last night and lost two forwards to injury. 10* Winnipeg

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