10* Money Bomb

10* Money Bomb

Detroit vs. Denver, 12/22/2019 16:05 EDT, Score: 17 - 27

Point Spread: -6½/-113 Denver

Sportsbook: PinnacleSports

Result: Win

Taking the BRONCOS. Long season for the NFL veteran HC Fagio. Started ugly with a loss in Oakland. He will get his revenge next week here. Now breaking in a new signal caller. Simple thinking here though. We have an old school coach who isn't quitting on the season. His team hasn't quit all year. Lions a hot mess. Can't believe they are keeping their HC around. They old coach, Jim Caldwell was let go because 10-6 wasn't good enough. Jeez. That's another story. But here they are with a terrible QB, on the road, in one of the tougher places to play. Dome team outside, in Denver elevation to boot. Lay it. 10* Money Bomb DENVER BRONCOS

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