**31-12 RUN!** 10* TNT NBA MAIN EVENT! ($109K IN PURE PROFIT!)

**31-12 RUN!** 10* TNT NBA MAIN EVENT! ($109K IN PURE PROFIT!)

LA Lakers vs. Milwaukee, 12/19/2019 20:00 EDT, Score: 104 - 111

Point Spread: -4/-104 Milwaukee

Sportsbook: PinnacleSports

Result: Win

I'm playing on MILWAUKEE. Huge game, obviously. While both teams have been great, I believe that the Bucks are the more complete team. Playing at home, I expect them to have the advantage. Note that the Bucks won both last season's meetings by double-digits. While the Lakers have outscored teams by a solid 112.9 to 106.1 mark on the road, the Bucks have outscored teams by a dominating 122.3 to 107.9 margin here at home. While both teams hit roughly the same percentage of field goals, the Bucks are much stingier defensively. Opposing teams hit 41.5% of their fg's against Milwaukee compared to 43.6% (44.7% on road) for LA. Expect that superior defense, along with homecourt, to prove the difference, the Bucks improving to 30-11-1 ATS the past 2+ seasons, when off an upset loss.

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