10* College Hoops Game of the Week

10* College Hoops Game of the Week

Akron vs. Tulane, 12/20/2019 14:30 EDT, Score: 62 - 61

Point Spread: -4½/-104 Akron

Sportsbook: PinnacleSports

Result: Loss

Both teams have gone 8-2 on the year and both have played weak schedules so far but the Zips are clearly the better team. Akron has a win on the road over Utah from the Pac-12 and they have a Net Ranking of 58 and are ranked 92nd by KenPom. The Green Wave has a Net Ranking of 118th, they are ranked 217th by KenPom and their best win was against Marshall, which has a Net Ranking of 242nd.

Akron also has the better offense and the far better defense in this one, plus they rank 26th in rebounding while Tulane is 324th. It all points to a double-digit win by the Zips in this one.

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