*10* NBA GAME OF THE MONTH (Power Sports) ~ Won T.O.M LY on X-Mas!

*10* NBA GAME OF THE MONTH (Power Sports) ~ Won T.O.M LY on X-Mas!

LA Clippers vs. LA Lakers, 12/25/2019 20:00 EDT, Score: 111 - 106

Point Spread: -2/-100 LA Lakers

Sportsbook: PinnacleSports

Result: Loss

10* LA Lakers (8:00 ET): These teams haven't met since Opening Night when the Clippers dealt the Lakers a 122-112 defeat. I played the Clips in that one, stating I was unconvinced that the Lakers could emerge the top team in the Western Conference. While I was right about the game, I was wrong about the Lakers' prospects as they come into X-Mas leading the West w/ a 24-6 record. That said, they are currently on a season-worst three-game losing streak (LeBron sat Sunday's game vs. Denver). With LeBron obviously playing I have the Lakers getting it done in this revenge spot.

The Clippers are currently 4th in the West with a 22-10 record. They have a similar YTD point differential to the Lakers and another thing they have in common is some recent stumbles. The Clips have dropped three of five, including a 118-112 decision at OKC on Sunday. Also like the Lakers, this team is much better when both of its superstars - Kawhi Leonard and Paul George - both play (11-3 SU in those games). But I'm not convinced that they are as good as the Lakers.

The fact that the Lakers have lost three in a row is pretty significant in that it should have them really motivated (as if they needed any extra motivation) for this X-Mas Day game. Plus there's the revenge angle. Following the Opening Night loss to the Clippers, the Lakers would go on to win 24 of their next 26 games. I wouldn't put much stock into the three-game losing streak as one of the losses came against Milwaukee and another w/o LeBron. The Lakers rate higher than the Clippers in both offensive and defensive efficiency. Lay the short number. 10* LA Lakers

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