AAA'S *10* "RED DRAGON" >> UNREAL $28,692 RUN L71 DAYS! 13-5 L18 NHL!

AAA'S *10* "RED DRAGON" >> UNREAL $28,692 RUN L71 DAYS! 13-5 L18 NHL!

Calgary vs. Montreal, 01/13/2020 19:00 EDT, Score: 0 - 2

Money Line: -105 Montreal

Sportsbook: PinnacleSports

Result: Win

This is a 10* on MONTREAL

Montreal finally did it, snapping an eight-game losing streak by beating Ottawa 2-1 on Saturday night. It took overtime to do it, which was almost apropos considering the number of one-goal losses than the Canadiens had endured during their slide. While one win is nice, the Habs are not “out of the woods” yet as the suddenly hot Flames come calling here on Monday night. Calgary’s five-game win streak has them in first place in the Pacific Division, a place they’re familiar with as that’s where they finished a season ago. However, we don’t feel this year’s Flames are nearly as good as the 2018-19 edition. This team has a negative goal differential (-8), which is quite odd for a first place team. Furthermore, Montreal actually has a slightly better goal differential (of -5), further proof that the East is by far the stronger conference this season. Don’t be fooled by the point totals or recent streaks. Montreal is the play here. Play on MONTREAL


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