Game of the Month (NFL) - Schule's 100% PERFECT NFL RUN TESTED!

Game of the Month (NFL) - Schule's 100% PERFECT NFL RUN TESTED!

San Francisco vs. Kansas City, 02/02/2020 18:30 EDT, Score: 20 - 31

Point Spread: +1/+103 San Francisco

Sportsbook: PinnacleSports

Result: Loss

This is a 10* play on the San Francisco 49ERS.

The Chiefs come into Super Bowl LIV as favorites, despite the fact that San Francisco has a better record. The 49ers are statistically better both on offense and defense, and they appear to have very few weaknesses. One thing that San Francisco doesn't have is Patrick Mahomes. There is no doubt that Mahomes is the one player that is most likely to directly influence the result of this game. As difficult as it is for me to bet against Mahomes, I am more than a little concerned about just how much pressure he will be facing. The 49ers don't need a great game from their quarterback, or any single player. If their defensive line can control the line of scrimage the way they did against Green Bay, Mahomes might not be able to save the Chiefs. Kansas City has been very impressive in these playoffs, but let's not forget that they fell into a big hole in both their wins over Houston and Tennessee. It might not be so easy to come from behind against this San Francisco team.

Take SF.


Jesse Schule

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