Rob Vinciletti: 100% NBA Non Conference GAME OF THE MONTH

Rob Vinciletti: 100% NBA Non Conference GAME OF THE MONTH

Sacramento vs. Milwaukee, 02/10/2020 20:00 EDT, Score: 111 - 123

Point Spread: -10/-106 Milwaukee

Sportsbook: PinnacleSports

Result: Win

The NBA Court crusher is on Milwaukee.. Game 568 at 8:05 eastern. The Bucks fit the undefeated system that plays on home favorites of 10 or more that covered as. a road favorite vs an opponent that covered the spread by 10 or more as a home dog and scored 120 or more like the Kings. The home teams win by 20 per game and the Bucks already crushed the Knicks in this exact system just under a month ago. The Bucks have covered 5 of 6 off back to back spread wins as a double digit favorite. The Kings have failed to cover 4 of 5 vs the Central division and both times off 3+ home wins. Bang the Bucks in this one.


ATS:: 7-0-0

Feb 13, 1996recapTue1995RocketsMaverickshome121-1065&4-10.5213.0154.514.09.24.8WWOFalse

Dec 22, 2007recapSat2007PelicansTimberwolveshome110-762&0-12.0186.03422.00.011.0-11.0WWP0

Mar 21, 2008recapFri2007SpursKingshome102-890&2-11.5194.5131.5-3.5-1.0-2.5WWU0

Dec 02, 2009recapWed2009MagicKnickshome118-1042&0-13.0209.5141.

Apr 09, 2018recapMon2017TimberwolvesGrizzlieshome113-942&0-16.0213.5193.0-6.5-1.8-4.8WWU0

Nov 06, 2019recapWed2019RocketsWarriorshome129-1121&1-15.5233.5171.

Jan 14, 2020recapTue2019BucksKnickshome128-1022&1-17.0229.5269.00.54.8-4.2WWO0

Feb 10, 2020recapMon2019BucksKingshome1&1-10 227.0

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