*10* Oklahoma City Thunder +8

*10* Oklahoma City Thunder +8

Oklahoma City vs. San Antonio, 05/02/2016 21:30 EDT, Score: 98 - 97

Point Spread: +8/-105 Oklahoma City

Sportsbook: Bovada

Result: Win

Rickenbach NBA *10* Top Play Oklahoma City Thunder +8 @ San Antonio @ 9:35 ET - After getting completely steamrolled by the Spurs in Game One, I expect a huge response from the Thunder in Game Two. San Antonio simply could not miss on Saturday as the Spurs were simply on fire from the floor. The game was decided by halftime and the Thunder are fully prepared to respond in Game Two. You can bet (literally) that the Spurs won't again shoot 61% from the floor and 60% from three point land. It was simply "one of those nights" and, not to take anything away from the Spurs, the Thunder are not that "bad" of a team. In fact, when off of a loss by a margin of 10 points or more, Oklahoma City has gone 4-1 SU this season. After allowing 105 points or more this season, the Thunder have gone 25-10 SU. Now, I am certainly not saying that I expect the Thunder to win this game outright as, let's not forget, the Spurs have gone an insane 43-1 at home this season. But, what I am saying is that I expect this game to be decided by no more than a couple buckets. It wasn't like the Thunder had a problem with rebounding or turning the ball over too much in Game One. Again, it was just "one of those nights" and Westbrook, Durant, Ibaka and company will be ready to respond big tonight. Getting off to a great start and keeping the wild San Antonio crowd from getting so raucous early will key what I expect to be a tight, back and forth game tonight. Coach Donovan is a great coach and he will make adjustments for Game Two. When leading in a playoff series the Spurs have gone 10-8 SU and 9-9 ATS the past three seasons combined. When trailing in a playoff series the Thunder have gone 5-2 SU and 4-2-1 ATS the past three seasons. The Spurs are expected to ultimately prevail in this series but it's far from over yet and the Thunder should give one of their best efforts of the entire season tonight after the ridiculous way Game One played out. *10* OKLAHOMA CITY

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