Doc’s Monday Thunder/Spurs Game 2 Slam Dunk

Doc’s Monday Thunder/Spurs Game 2 Slam Dunk

Oklahoma City vs. San Antonio, 05/02/2016 21:30 EDT, Score: 98 - 97

Point Spread: -7½/-108 San Antonio

Sportsbook: PinnacleSports

Result: Loss

We were on the Spurs in Game 1 for our big play and they just dominated the Thunder and that game proved to us what we thought about this series from the start – this one is a major mismatch. Normally in a situation like this the oddmakers will post a smaller line for Game 2 but this line has actually gone up by a point and that tells us a lot about the strength of the Spurs right here. The Spurs are going to do what they do and they will not get too high because of the Big Game 1 blowout but on the other side of the court that really has to shake the Thunder’s confidence as this is a hopeless series for them. San Antonio had a regular season for the ages and was only overshadowed by what transpired in the Bay Area but as well as this team played in the regular season, this team was built for postseason basketball. We expect them to win comfortably again tonight. While this won’t be a major blowout like Game 1, we do expect the Spurs to win by 10+ here tonight. The Thunder can only make so many adjustments but Game 1 was not a fluke and these two teams are on different levels.

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