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Stephen Nover's Friday Crusher - 68% WNBA Streak!

Price: $29.00

Don't leave profit on the table by not taking advantage of wrong numbers in the WNBA. Stephen Nover is dominating this sport on a blazing 17-8 hot streak for 68 percent! Stephen has found one mispriced Friday matchup to exploit. So take advantage of his expertise, elite information and sizzling hand to stack the odds high in your favor!

1 pick (1 WNBA)


Price: $50.00

Last night saw AAA cash their *10* Game of the Week in MLB (Twins). Tonight is their TOP SIDE for the week in WNBA! Having won 4 of the past 5 days, AAA is now up $20,634 overall since Feb 6th! Every sport has contributed to this MONEY-MAKING run, so don't be afraid to join in on this BIG BET!

1 pick (1 WNBA)

Doc's WNBA Friday Slam Dunk

Price: $19.95

Strong side play selection on Friday night from the padded sports bra league. Get it for just $19.95 and let 48 years of handicapping experience work for you.

1 pick (1 WNBA)

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